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Awakening Mircales

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We always have an opportunity to elevate our own frequency by elevating our thoughts and feelings. This does not mean that we deny the negative emotions or push aside the negative thoughts.

Instead, it’s about acknowledging them

expressing them, and then, choosing again, we often times, forget that step of expression, and choose to wallow or stay in that energy for an extended amount of time which then tends to bring us down.

And the longer we stay in it it seems as if the more effort is needed to elevate out of it. So, instead, let’s be willing to acknowledge express and choose again as quickly as possible perhaps give yourself a little bit of a timeframe for example, I will cry or be upset or scream, or rage for an hour or two hours or whatever time frame works best for you. That way you will not be to tempted to sit or stay in it for a prolonged stent of time.

Christine Halliwell
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