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Awakening Mircales

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Today, our theme is contemplation and instead of giving you quotes about contemplation, I was guided to use Denise lens the Gateway article deck to give us contemplative questions. We can ask ourselves today.

Just as a lotus rises up out of the mud into the light, so you are rising up into even greater Heights, sometimes this occurs naturally and sometimes it is an active will. This is a time to rise above any situation that’s not empowering. Even if there are some people you might leave behind, let your light shine for all to see. Rise up and step into your potential. You are needed a healer, a teacher, and a leader.

Our first card is rise above the questions we can ask ourselves to journal about or contemplate later on or what do I need to do to rise above? Is there a fear that holds me back from rising above my current challenge? How would my life change if I stepped into my role as a leader, teacher, or healer?.

This is just our first contemplative set of questions. There will be another set at 1 PM and another at 3 PM.

Christine Halliwell
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