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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation and energy report for September 29th 2023

This weekend we are asked to realign our internal compasses back to our divine source. Sometimes in life we let a certain area of life or situation become our singular focus. Sometimes we are trying to fix it sometimes we are trying to make sure it does not break and sometimes it is just something always in the back of our minds. In each instance we are are trying to do it all from the ego (How is that working out for you?) are you happier or just running the same old game maybe just in a different way.

As we come to this realization that we need to let it go and let our higher power take care of it for us, there maybe this sense of loss or even failure it is ok to feel it and express it we just don’t want to stay in it. This sense may come because you realize the relationship you have been trying to save was never worth saving maybe a long held dream is not working out or maybe you expected something and you got the exact opposite. It is ok feel it express it release

When we release this feeling and the situation or circumstances we become free to set powerful new intentions in alignment with our source not our ego. Let the divine spark within you speak to you inspire you to your next action step your next journey or adventure. Let that which was go so that which has been waiting for you can step into begin.

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