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Awakening Mircales

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This weeks energies February 20, 2023

This week we are working with letting go of our plan and aligning with the divine plan. Which means, were working with stepping into the unknown and letting go of the old identities on labels, that no longer serve so that we may fully step into the truth of who we are.

Letting go of our plan, and stepping into the unknown can be very scary, because there’s an aspect of us that does not trust the divine to have our highest and best good at heart. We must be willing to except the turns in the road or the shifts that must be made in order for us, to truly embody the truth of who we are.

As we let go of those layers, and embody more of the truth of who we are we gain the wisdom that we have acquired over time, we engage this wisdom, not through idle wandering through the past, but instead We merely take what is most important, and continue to move on, not getting stuck in the past

Christine Halliwell
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