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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend, energy report and contemplation for May 26, 2023

This weekend our crowning thought is asking us to look at the burdens that we are carrying that we have taken on either because we think we must or because we have chosen to take on another’s burdens as our own.

We are asked this weekend to look at what we find valuable and asking ourselves if that person, relationship, situation is still truly valuable, and helping us in life.

The only way that we can truly acknowledge what is valuable is by tuning into our own inner voice, and letting the voice and opinions of the world fall away, so that we may truly heed the guidance that our inner self, or higher self, our higher power would like for us to know.

Our grounding thought for this weekend is consciousness. This card is grounding us in understanding and clarity. However, we can only have that clarity and understanding if we practice detachment so that we may see things as the observer, we must remember that we are not bodies but mines and we are not the doers but the witnesses to all that unfolds.

Christine Halliwell
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