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Awakening Mircales

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Good morning and Happy Easter to those who celebrate. As I was meditating this morning I asked spirit what was it that the we as a collective needed to know. The word that rang in my head was renewal. In every moment we have an opportunity to choose again to let go of the last moment and make this moment a brand new one.

Today we can really put this into practice by letting ourselves be present in each moment we find ourselves in enjoying what we are experiencing and if we are not enjoying to know that’s ok because in the very next moment we get to choose how we are going to experience our next moment.

Life is an ever unfolding journey of cycles and moments it does not end or stop. We just have a tendency to keep one moment in our minds and live our lives from that time and not move forward in our minds which keeps us trapped in that one moment in time. Release yourself to day and choose to again choose to realign with life and renew.

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