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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energy of newness.

We have a fantastic opportunity to open ourselves to new opportunities and experiences this week because of last week's energy helping to drop what no longer serves and us letting go of the power we have given our fear seemingly over us.

We stay open to these opportunities and experiences by staying in that child-like wonder and openness, remember being childlike is not about acting like a child but adopting the attitude of I DON"T KNOW and staying curious about how things are going to work out for you how your divine parent is going to support you.

As we stay in this childlike energy of wonder and curiosity it helps to celebrate who we truly are and remember that our innocents is not in the body but in our minds and it can never be lost or stolen only hidden,

Lastly, we have a very different concept for seeing challenges or as I like to say opportunities for growth, this different concept is to say thank you and have an appreciation for the person, place, or thing that triggered you, We appreciate that it came to help reveal to you a thought, idea, belief system that no longer serves in order to help you acknowledge and contemplate if you still want it

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