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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation and energy report for December 1, 2023.

Our crowning thought for this week is to not sweat the small stuff. One way I love to explain this card is that no one will see the chip in your China unless you are the one who points it out. All too often the ego makes us think that the tiny little imperfections are gigantic mistakes that everyone knows about and is judging us about. The truth is we are the only ones judging so let’s let go of the small stuff let’s let go and stop identifying ourselves with what’s wrong and start looking at what is going, right.

Our next card is focus this card is asking us to pay attention to where our focus is and we can tell where our focus is based on how we’re feeling. Our feelings are just guideposts letting us know when we are out of alignment with spirit. It doesn’t mean that we don’t feel those emotions such as sadness or anger or frustration. It just means we don’t focus on them for too long we can feel them acknowledge them, and then let them go.

As we shift our focus from ego to spirit, that is where the fog lifts and illumination comes when we step back and see things from spirits perspective, we gain more insight, and understanding into why we were triggered However, when we’re just focused on the ego, we don’t really ever get that insight because the ego is always wanting to blame someone else or something else so the more we can step back and focus on spirit the more illumination we will have

This illumination gives us wisdom wisdom isn’t about knowing everything it’s about being able to apply what you have learned and seeing the benefits of that application.

Our grounding thought, or the thought that can most help us to shift our focus and attention more towards spirit is to reclaim our art to reclaim our art means to go back to artistic endeavors be riding, playing an instrument, painting, coloring, whatever creative endeavor most brings you into the present moment brings you into joy takes you out of time what has the divine been wanting to speak or create through you that you’ve been stopping?

Christine Halliwell
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