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Weekend contemplation and energy report for July 14, 2023

Our crowning thought for this weekend is drop it. This crowning thought is inviting us to let go of the emotional stories that we are telling ourselves that are keeping us stuck in old patterns of behavior or replaying old situations if we want new life if we want to rise above, then we must be willing to let go of our judgments and stories about what we are currently seeing

This weekend reminds us that our thoughts and beliefs make the reality that we see whatever we are focusing our awareness on whatever thought idea or belief we will see in the world so ask yourself are you aware of your thoughts? What is their quality? Expect miracles.

As we look at our thoughts beliefs, and ideas and choose thoughts that are more in alignment with where we want to be, and what we want to experience we have to be gentle with ourselves and patient instead of trying to stubbornly move forward and climb to the heights of the mountains that we’re not ready for allow spirit to be the guide. You don’t know where you are right now you’re just coming to a new awareness, a new way of being allow yourself to be led.

Our grounding thought for this weekend is it’s not an emergency the ego would have you think that everything is due or die. We have to remember that that’s just the Eagles perception what if we dropped that idea that it Hass to be done right now or the world will end, and instead adopt the idea of what feels the most peaceful and compelling for me to do in this moment or what would bring up my peace in this moment instead of frantically running around, trying to put out every fire which fire needs your attention and how can you respond to that fire instead of reacting to it?

Christine Halliwell
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