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Messages for Wednesday, September 6, 2023-  The messages coming from Spirit are reminding us to give our minds a break, stop overthinking and over analyzing things, take time out to rest and recharge, allow healing, self care is essential.  Be mindful of how you communicate with yourself and others.  Mercury is retrograde, use this time to “re” evaluate and reassess what you truly want to pursue or what direction you want to move in; align with your authenticity to gain clarity and insight.  Take time to connect with Spirit and Mother Earth to ground your energy so you can see things from a higher perspective and be more objective.    

❤️#12 Observe (Hanged Man in Traditional Tarot deck) Key words:  Release, surrender, reconsider, patience, cycles, perspective.  “A new understanding around matters of the heart is waiting to be revealed to you.  Be still and observant.  Now is not the time to take action.  Instead, take a step back and wait.  Reflect upon the relationship or issue.  What is really happening?  When you surrender to the experience, you’ll learn a great deal and ultimately get what you truly need-as opposed to what you think you need.  Trust the process, have faith in the journey, and let go of the outcome.  When you’re open and receptive to the needed change, it will happen.”  This is a time to step back and see things from a different perspective.  Sometimes we get so caught up in situations and our day to day life we forget that their is a bigger picture than what we are seeing.  By being the observer, you are better able to see yourself, situations and relationships with a new understanding.  It also helps you see things coming more from your higher self rather than your ego.  You may also get new clarity and insight you were seeking which will assist you in making healthy positive changes.  Affirmation- “I now step back and observe my situation in a new light.”

Ronald Schaefer
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