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Weekend, contemplation, and energy report for August 18 2023

This weekend our crowning sign is our divine helpers victory. This card is like the sun card in the tarot. It is very positive. It indicates that spirit is aligning everything and giving you the steps towards success. The key is to listen.

The overall energy for this weekend is about stepping in to your passion, your aspirations, and allowing yourself to focus on those again. Were asked to be mindful this weekend to remember that you are always actively influencing your reality through your thoughts and reactions to life’s opportunities for growth.

As we step into this re-examining phase of our passions and aspirations, we’re not asked to act on them yet instead, we are asked to sit back and ask Spirit the next right step, and then listen and follow. Spirit will always speak to us. It just may not be the answer that we want.

This will lead us to our last card, which is the Phoenix, and this card is asking us to let go of what we think we think, and what we think we know, and come empty to the divine, surrendering our thoughts about the outcome, and merely allowing ourselves to be led

This thing leads us into our grounding thought which is our higher self coming forth with an Epiphany a realization of some thing intrinsic to us a higherself simply asks that we listen and follow the directions given we’ve come to a space now where we are open and receptive to Our higher self guidance.

Christine Halliwell
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