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Awakening Mircales

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This is not hibernation – do not fall asleep! Take your quiet, wakeful nature with you into stillness, and know that you are replenishing your life force. Trust that the deeply buried seed inside your soul, the ones you planted even before you were born, are stirring, softly, ready to awaken with the spring. But do not try to rouse them early instead, surrender to the quiet of winter dream. Winter dream can blow you into a slumber where you can lose consciousness and become caught in a nightmare. Awaken – awaken! Find the easy return to wakefulness that brings you clarity. This is a time to set your priorities in order yet not act on any of them. Allow the clarity and transparency to come with winter dream to permeate your heart and soul. The time for action will come later. Remember that all things are born of dreams, and your task is to wake up within the dream, to lucidly guided to your chosen destination.

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