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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of decision, focus, and contemplation.

This week we are asked to take a look at what aspect of ourselves we are allowing to drive our decision-making process is it love or fear, after we use our discernment to acknowledge which one we are using we then have a choice will we keep letting that aspect continue to drive our decision making process.

That leads us to our contemplation and really sitting with ourselves and asking the question we need to ask what is my real motivation for pursuing this, do I want to continue to do what I did? Do I want to continue to think this way and do I want to carry around this old story(s)?

We then have this energy of focus and to focus does not mean that we are a laser it just means that we are looking with a broader view than before and through our contemplation and decision can start to have a better idea of the action steps needed to help us continue to make the changes we want to have in 2024.

Christine Halliwell
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