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Awakening Mircales

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Look at your life, with the eyes of spirit, not your ego. The ego points out your flaws; your spirit concentrates on your perfection. The ego sees everything as a failure; your spirit sees it as process and progress. The ego views itself, a separate and alone; the spirit knows itself to be connected to all, and an essential part of the whole. The ego sees darkness; the spirit see light. Right now, you are being asked to view your circumstances with the illumination of your spirit. Don’t focus on the shadows, but rather on the light. I ask what is right in my life at this moment? What is working? What am I learning? What is the process of improving? If you look with the light of your spirit, you’ll clearly make out at all is well. Your ego can’t see past its own fears, so all appears dark. Your spirit turns on the light, and that’s perceived the value of all your experiences end with it on, you can see that it’s all good.

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