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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of authenticity, Courage, Creating from love, and spreading the light.

This week starts us off by asking us to look at where we are still clinging on to old ego identities and roles and where we are still acting instead of truly being, this action in and of itself this simple self-inquiry takes courage which is not the absence of fear but proceeding forward regardless of it.

As we do this courageous inventory and begin to make the changes in order to be more of the light we are we truly can start to create from love and accept the love that is begin given us in divine harmony of giving and receiving.

This week will also give us an opportunity to spread the light which means to me that we are lighting each other up to help each of us remember who we truly are and what we are in whatever way if that is simply giving someone the courage to be who they are because you are being authentic or you are pursuing your joy which makes others want to do the same.

Christine Halliwell
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