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Weekend contemplation and energy report for February 16, 2023

Weekend at contemplation and energy report for February 16, 2024

This weekend our crowning thought for this weekend, or our theme is all about going forward, moving forward in the direction of our highest excitement and greatest joy. For it is in following our greatest excitement and highest joy, we are met with fulfillment, happiness, prosperity, and love. We do not have to deviate to find them. They meet us there. They are guide posts to let us know that we’re following love.

The supporting energies for this week, our first, the magicians sword, inviting us to cut the cords to false beliefs, narratives stories, voices that stop us from truly moving forward. When we allow the voices of the past or stories of the past to intercede in our present moment, all we are doing is re-creating them, so we surrender cut the cord and take one confidence, step forward towards joy towards happiness towards even contentment.

This then leads us to the overflow, where we must be aware not to burn ourselves out, but instead to use that beautiful energy of excitement, and moving forward in a way that isn’t overwhelming to us that doesn’t burn us out to move forward with purpose so that we may use that energy for creation instead of our own destruction. We must also acknowledge our emotions but not make choices from them.

Lastly, we have adaptability, and all adaptability means to me is the ability to change your mind about a situation to change your mind about how you are willing to look at a situation, and a willingness to look through the eyes of spirit at a situation.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t express our emotions. It does mean that after that expression of emotion, or even during that expression, we are asking spirit to illuminate another way of looking at this. This does not mean that we painted pink and pour pink fondant over a mud pie instead we see, or ask what the mud pie is representing and from a metaphysical perspective whatever situation we are viewing is coming from our own conscious or unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and ideas so we can use them to help us to move forward with the help of spirit, for we must remember we are not the healers. We are the recipients of the healing.

Christine Halliwell
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