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Awakening Mircales

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When we talk about flow we often times talk about it as if it is this elusive state of mind that only comes around once in a while. When in fact a flow state is our natural state of mind, when we are in flow we are in touch with our source we are not present and available for the divine to express itself through us.

If we want to be in flow all we have to do is be willing to allow ourselves to relax to breathe to be open to our source and let ourselves be vessels for this divine flow, there will be times of activity and times of rest but each one is guided each step is effortless because you realize you are just allowing yourself to be in the flow of life.

Ask yourself am I willing to let go of my agenda? Am I willing to be guided by a force in me but not of me? How might I be an instrument of the divine today? How can I be of the greatest service today?

Christine Halliwell
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