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Awakening Mircales

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This week we’re working with the energies of shifting our perception, courage, and clearing the fog.

As we begin, our week, spirit invites us to change our perspective to change the scenery around us. Sometimes the world seems very drum and drab, because everything seems as if it’s stagnant and not changing however, what if we were willing to look at things in a new way, perhaps even change some things around .

As we begin to shift and change, either the way we look at things or simply shifting some energy in a room. By shifting one particular object, we begin to clear the fog of our own mind and consciousness. This is not a time to rush forward instead, this is a time to stay aware and learn as much as you can. Listening closely and observing details, and being aware of a tendency to interpret things from an overly emotional point of view, especially when it comes to behaviors of others. Next ask your spirit to be clear on what you want from those around you, or even the situation, express your clear heart, without being overly emotional or vague and allows spirit to speak for you, and through you, the fog will lift as soon as you become present in the moment

The energy of courage comes in this week, because sometimes we feel that speaking from our hearts will only hurt us, or that if we allow the divine to guide us, it will guide us to something that we don’t want or can’t handle we have to remember spirit only wants the best for us. Spirit is the one that created us, and therefore knows where our talents can be used the best our job is simply to show up spirit will do the rest

Christine Halliwell
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