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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation and energy report for March 1, 2024.

This weekend we have two energetic themes one is release and the other is initiation. When we speak of release spirit is asking to release the value for the aspects of ourselves that no longer are serving our highest good. Release means we let go of the value we hold. As we release that aspect of our persona we step onto the path of initiation beginning our rise to new levels of awareness as well as containing our journey to embody more of the truth of who we are.

The energies support this week are a charity with contemplation, a divine director, with intervention and purpose, and Lord Ganesh with infinite abundance.

The charity cars are helping us to connect more fully with the truth of who we are and in so doing help us to release the aspects of our persona that no longer serve by connecting with who we are more.

We then have the divine director helping us remember that our purpose is to be happy and we can only have true happiness that is deep and not dependent on outward situations but instead from acting from our genuineness and as we come from that place spirit has more room in our lives to guide us. We ask for guidance and help but a good majority of the time we are not asking for help we are asking for the divine to make our plan work instead of allowing the divine to truly come to us and through us.

This brings us to Lord Ganesh who is helping to remove the obstacles we have placed in our path he comes with his broom to sweep away the litter we have placed upon our path so that we can better walk and see the pathway that leads us to greater understanding and awareness about how to move forward with integrity and joy.

Ask yourself this weekend: where have I changed myself to try and fit in?

Am I willing to let go of who I think I am to unfold my divine nature?

Am I ready to connect with my truth?

Christine Halliwell
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