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Weekend Contemplation and Energy Report for May 10th, 2024

This weekend we have our crowning thought which is protecting treasure reversed, Spirit is asking us to look at whom we are giving our loyalty faith our devotion to and if they or this situation or mindset truly deserve it. This is not about judgment instead this is using our discernment to see where we might be comprising ourselves for an illusion we think we are getting.

This then leads us to our next card which is the dragon's den spirit tells us that we have one of the most amazing internal guidance systems imaginable and we all too often don't pay attention to it. This guidance system is our emotions our emotions can help us discern what is in alignment ( good feeling ) or what is not for us in this moment ( negative feeling).

As we start to listen more attentively to how we feel we get more aligned with our spirit and our intuition which is a direct connection to truth and when we are in deeper communion with the truth of who we are we are guided like an intertube in a hot summer day just floating at ease no worry understanding that the current is leading us where we need to be.

This leads us to our two grounding thoughts which are the Talisman card and the home card (reversed) Spirit reminds us that we have all we need to succeed not because of who we are but what we are an aspect of the divine one with the power that creates worlds if we are feeling less then that then it is time for a fearless inventory what are we afraid of? Who are we not to be this amazing?

Christine Halliwell
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