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Awakening Mircales

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This week our overall energetic theme is truth spirit is asking us to stop analysing situations with the rational logical mind and allow ourselves to go within and allow our intuition to guide us. When we allow our intuition to guide us we are coming from truth for that is what intuition is a connection to the truth the divine.

we can affirm: I look within to find my truth. I listen to the divine force that comes from my inner self. I am in harmony with myself and welcome the divine's love, the power that will guide me towards my fullest shining radiance.

Spirit is asking us this week to step into trusting our own intuitive sense. As we do this we are aligning ourselves with the divine right action step that will not only lead us to align with the divine dream which is for our highest and greatest happiness we also get the added bonus of being able to be of service to other in our deep listening and trusting of our own intuitive insights. Sometimes the greatest service we can do for another is to embody the shining radiance we are and show up authentically to give others the courage to do the same.

Christine Halliwell
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