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Awakening Mircales

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We have to remember that to have fun and enjoy our relationship with spirit sometimes we may get into a mindset that working with spirit is always about serious shadow work and healing etc... There are times that it is like that however spirit does not teach through pain and suffering our ego thrives on that type of learning.

We have to be willing to be a happy learners willing to let go of the mindset that we can and will only learn through pain and suffering That is an old mindset that we have to shift.

One way of starting that shift is to start playing with spirit because it will gladly play with you asking spirit to show you what you need to know today to have fun or ask spirit to bring you something to make you laugh. You don't have to (Be Connected) spirit is always available and listening. When you ask remember you are not asking with an exception- which means you already have a plan in place and you just want the spirit to fulfill it instead you are in expectancy -which is acknowledging that you have asked and are excitedly ready to see how spirit is going to reveal itself to you. notice the difference

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