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The only veil is in your mind

During a mentorship session, i received a channeling about the veils being Thin on Halloween. The channeling: The veils are always thin ever since we crossed the 2012 portal and actually before then. In truth, the veils only existed in your very own minds, and that idea has simply been passed down through the centuries. The veil was your way of staying separate from the other dimensions that exist you now that we have crossed the 2012 threshold we as a collective now see the other side as closer because we are more open to the idea. Now that this has been made clear you now know you can access the spirit world whenever you want because it is always available to you. When you think of a family member or a crossed over loved one as soon as you think of them, they are there with you. You may not be able to feel them or see them at that moment, but they are there if you would just close yours eye breath and listen to the stillness of he moment

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