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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend, energy report, and contemplation

For this weekend, we have our crowning thought as our higher self, and our higher self is asking us to not let other peoples dramas or emotions disturb our peace to stay cool, in the midst of drama, and to not get lowered in by the drama of the world.

This week we have our ally of the metal king bringing us the discipline and self-esteem to not go in to the drama. We have the hawk prince coming in to help us pay attention to when spirit is giving us a sign or communicating with us on what our next course of action can be , which leads us into the Sundancer for we joyfully act on the guidance that we have received shining with our inner light, bright and happy.

This weekend be very aware of your emotions. Remember, they are not good or bad. They are simply guide posts to let you know when you are thinking with spirit, and when you are thinking with your ego. When we think with spirit, we are using discernment, which means this is for me at this time and this is not . When we think with the ego we think with judgment, this is good and this is bad.

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