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Awakening Mircales

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This week Spirit is asking us to be curious instead of the trap of (I Know) When we know then where is the room for spirit to inform us or show us a different way a better or faster way to get to where we think we need or want to be.

As we get more curious and let go of the ( I Know) mind we begin to see the signs and symbols the spirit has been sending us be that white fathers or pennies these signs help us to acknowledge the fact that we are helped and can ask for help from spirit and we will be answered in a way we may not except.

When we follow these loving signs from spirit and follow our divine guidance we will inevitably be led to victory not because we are special or because we followed the signs we are led to victory because we followed what was true.

A course in miracles tells us in the begin that love and only love is true and real everything else is our own illusions given temporary form.

Christine Halliwell
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