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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend contemplation for January 26th 2024.

This weekend spirit is reminding us to ask ourselves who am I not to? Who am I not to be happy? Who am I not be joyful and grateful and proud? Who am I not to be fabulous and favored? Looking at the gates of smoke and mirrors we have made and taking a deep breath to embrace what is on the other side.

As we approach the gates of smoking mirrors, we must not allow fear and uncertainty to pollute our minds and emotions, we will fill ourselves up with this negativity, and then see more of that fear in the outer world. This weekend instead, let’s fill ourselves with thoughts of plenty. Let’s be mindful of what we are filling our minds with, and if we do find ourselves going back to the past or filling ourselves with negative self talk, let’s stop regroup forgive, move forward.

If we continue to keep our minds focused on dreaming a bigger dream, and knowing that we are fully worthy of dreaming, something bigger, knowing we are worthy of reaching, for the stars. We can reach for the stars not because of who we are but because of the divine light that we are. We are entitled to greatness to happiness to joy to healing to all the good things of life. The question is, will you let yourself have it?

Lastly, an image that popped into my mind this morning as I tuned in to this weekend’s energy was a clip from Halloweentown, where the main character is, asking her grandmother what is magic the grandmother replied magic is wanting something and then letting yourself have it.

Christine Halliwell
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