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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energy of transformation and rebirth.

This week actually today for all those that follow astrology we have the New Moon in Scorpio which is all about transformation and rebirth, we have to ask ourselves if we are moving into transformation or staying in the old consciousness. We also have Chiron the wounded healer in the mix who is again asking us to address the wounds we have so we can continue the process of becoming.

We are always in the process of transforming and rebirth not only in the body but also in our state of conscious awareness, when we choose to allow ourselves to go through this shift and change we are moving along with life and life helps us through the transformation and rebirth, however, if we choose to resists it life seems to get even harder and it is not a punishment it is because you are in direct option to what you are life unfolding.

Christine Halliwell
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