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Weekend, energy report and contemplation for September 15, 2023

Weekend contemplation and energy report for September 15th 2023.

This morning I was guided to only pull one card from colette Baron Reid, the postcards from spirit. The card is below.

To me this card is asking us to pay attention to our intuition this weekend to really use it to help us discern what is really begin said and what is really happening. Often time we can get stuck in the muck of the I know mind and that can stop us from actually seeing things as they are for we are choosing to see only the old story we are projecting.

I also feel like spirit is asking us to open up more of a an active conversation or dialogue with our spirit team. Like that card says they are always speaking the question is not why can’t I hear them but am I really listening. Are you trying to listen for what you want to hear or are you listening for what is begin said.

Let you awareness your consciousness focus it’s attention on your intuitive thoughts and feelings. You could start the day with a quick 5min meditation then place you hand over your heart chakra or physical heart and breath deep for three breaths and then say spirit please guide me today.

Then go to your closet or on your way to work place you hands again over your heart and ask what should I wear today my intuition says or which way should I go to work my intuition says it is not about right or wrong but merely a way for you to start to actively speak with spirit.

Another thing to ask what’s blocking me from really tuning into my intuition? Do I feel like you can’t trust your intuition? Do you feel like you can’t trust that because of a situation that occurred in the past? Are you willing to give Spirit a chance to show you how much it loves you? Are you willing to place your trust in spirit?

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