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Awakening Mircales

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Messages for Monday, April 17, 2023- The messages from Spirit remind us to reflect on what burdens we are willing to let go of as we are moving forward?  Allow healing to create space for new love in all forms.  Pay attention to your feelings (clairsentience) as this will guide you as well.  This will also create new perspectives on a mental level resulting emotional stability.

❤️Akashic Records- It’s time to release yourself from past experiences, fears and old stories that are not in alignment with truth and authenticity.  Clear out on all levels relationships and situations that are toxic and not in your highest good.  Let go of burdens that are not yours to bear.  Take charge of your life, claim your voice and be the person & love you want to see in the world.

❤️Closing Door-One cycle is completing and new doors of love in all forms; remember you are worth and deserving of peace, love, abundance and prosperity.  Stay true to yourself and maintain integrity.  Take time to connect with Spirit to get clear on your belief system and what you love and value.  If a relationship or opportunity did not manifest, know it was a blessings in disguise and Spirit has something better for you instead, more than the human mind can comprehend.  Maintain belief, trust and faith in yourself.  See the light and love within yourself as this is your connection to Spirit.  Remember to give thanks for the lessons that you learned from the life experience as this adds to your inner wisdom.  Peace comes from remembering only love is real.  Love & Blessings, Christine 😊🕊🙏🏻❤️💚🌹🌈☮️

Ronald Schaefer
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