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Awakening Mircales

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Step out of character and step into who you are. Spirit is always giving us opportunities to step out of the ordinary and into the miraculous, we may say yes I want to and Spirit will gladly guide us spirit simply asks one thing of us.

Step out of what you think you think and think you know and simply be willing to follow your inner guidance your emotional guidance system towards what feels the best for you.

Spirit begins love will never force you it will tap you with its hand stretched out and if you take it great and if you don't it will come again and again until you are ready spirit will also not make you make sweeping changes all at once it knows what is best for you and will help you make small changes that lead to greater freedom because that spirit goal for you to be happy and free.

With that said we have to consider who is really stopping you from stepping out of the old routine and chacater sprit or your ego?

Christine Halliwell
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