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Messages for Thursday, July 20, 2023- #32 Here and Now- These messages coming through form Spirit remind us to stay present in the here and now, that’s where your personal power is, use your personal power to make decisions based in truth and love which reflect your authenticity, integrity and align with your core values and beliefs.

❤️There are lots of changes going on in our personal and outer world that can be overwhelming at times.  Set healthy boundaries, protect your peace, this is a sign of self respect.  Connect with Spirit and go within, the “quest” card reminds us to go within to balance the conflict between your heart and mind.  Confront your shadow and align with the truth of who you are; focus on making healthy positive changes and coming up with solutions to problems.

❤️The past is done, take the lessons and love and leave the rest behind.  The future is not here as it has not been co-created with you and Spirit yet, nothing is set in stone.  Projecting fears about the future will only cause hindered development creating unnecessary stress, frustration and energy blocks.    

❤️Take a step back from everything and detach from controlling the process or outcome.  Find a way to balance your life on all levels.  Harness the energy of “now” to gain clarity and insight, you’re on the right path and being divinely guided.  Love & Blessings, Christine 😊🙏🏻🕊❤️💚💜🌹🦋🌈☮️

Ronald Schaefer
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