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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with energies of surrender, letting go, connection and relaxation, and rejuvenation.

This week Spirit encourages us to practice the art of surrender which does not mean giving up or giving up surrendered when Spirit is using it means to allow yourself to stop trying to make it happen make it work heal it yourself and allow Spirit to guide you to ana action step instead of you telling spirit what action you are taking.

This leads us to let go and connect, we are acknowledging our fears, and instead of trying to deal with it ourselves or hide from our fear we have spirit telling us let us look at this together and look at the source of it and let the story of that source go. Spirit is more than willing to hold you tight as you do however it can not take it from you it can only take what is freely given.

After we give it over that is it for your part the rest is spirits and it offers you a place to rest and be refreshed within it where you are able to truly relax for you feel like you truly can let yourself relax at last for you acknowledge that you are not in charge of how it gets healed or handled just that it is already unfolding for the highest good of all.

Christine Halliwell
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