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Awakening Mircales

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This week's energetic theme is openness. Spirit is asking us this week to open ourselves to communicate with it more each day we forget to check in or speak with Spirit regularly because we get distracted by our ego which includes the spiritual ego spirit is asking us to stay focused on it.

Spirit is also asking us to drop the heavy burden of trying to figure everything out trying to make everything happen and to just drop it from our attention right now and just be present with what is not what will be or what was but what is unfolding in this moment.

Spirit tells us the best way that we can do that is to open our hearts to be open to receive. An open heart is not a bleeding heart and an open heart is not an emotional an open heart is willing and able to see each person and situation in the light of truth and is able and open to receive the message or blessing that comes from it.

Spirit is not asking us to be perfect because it already knows we are all spirit is asking us this week is to be open and drop off the emotional burden and baggage at the door so that we may embody more of who and what we are in truth.

Christine Halliwell
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