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Weekend contemplation and energy report for September 22, 2023

Our crowning thought for this week is, I am creator the affirmation we can use to remind ourselves of this is: I am the one and only cocreator of my life. Aiko create through my thinking. I am creating every second of my life. When I am aware of my cocreative self, I make room for thoughts of pure light.

This weekend we are called to clear the fog of our minds. The first step of clearing. This fog or confusion away, the way that we can begin this process of clearing out the fog is first by taking a step back and becoming the observer instead of the subjective experience are often times when we are in that subjective viewpoint we have a very narrow point of you we cannot see everything or other viewpoints because we are so stuck in our own stubborn viewpoint. We have to be willing to ask spirit to guide us that doesn’t mean to guide us to the outcome we want but instead to guide us to the most peaceful and happy outcome for everyone involved.

What are the best ways to do that is to change the scenery to do some thing different to go somewhere different to have something different to get your mind off of the current situation off of the past and truly into the present, for it is only in the present in which we can truly receive guidance we do not receive guidance When we are stuck in the past, nor when we are trying to project to the future, it is only in the present now that we can be guided to each present noun moment that will be for our highest and best good

The ego is going to throw a bit of a tantrum because it’s going to want to focus on the fear the danger, the anxiety spirit on the other hand surrounds you with a powerful and protective shield of light alerting you when the time to move is right and that way you gracefully step away from what is not serving you and gracefully towards what is. We breathe deep in the recognition that spirit is with us. Your spirit is formidable and can be counted on to guide you protect you, and assure you at all will be well don’t allow your ego to steal another moment of your peace.

Christine Halliwell
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