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Awakening Mircales

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Have you observe just how many people are collaborating for your success at this time? Have you observe just how the universe is collaborating for your success at this time? Suspend your fear long enough to notice. Look up and see how the universe and others are working tirelessly on your behalf. Recognize the quiet, love and service that you so depend on to keep you safe, secure, and grounded. Especially acknowledge those who attract no special attention to themselves, Content to simply be of help. It may be a partner, a significant other, parent, or sibling, whom you count on; a mentor or teacher, who believes in you; the boss who pushes you to be more creative or effective; or an employee who is on time every day. Your help may come from your children, who make you laugh, or ask you to be strong for them, a neighbor, who brightens your day with a smile and a wave, or a friend who spends hours on the phone, listening to you, complain and sort out your life. These quiet support people are your bed rocks, yet the ego has been too preoccupied with its own concerns to step into appreciation and gratitude for all that you do have all that is yours already. Today, choose appreciation, choose to appreciate all the small things so that you may attract to you even more so that you may see even more.

Christine Halliwell
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