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Messages for Monday, July 3, 2023- Full Moon in Capricorn- This full moon is all about grounding our energies and using practicality as we are rebuilding and creating new areas of our life.

The Sun in Cancer is about honoring our emotions but also leaving room to make practical decisions that are based in logic and truth.  You always have a choice, choose love over fear.

❤️The messages from Spirit remind us not to overextend ourselves on all levels, make healthy positive changes that restore balance and harmony in your life and reflect your authenticity.  Doing things the same old ways will not get you new results; the answers you seek are within yourself.  Do what make you happy instead of pleasing others.  Learn to trust your own inner wisdom instead of listening to your ego where you end up lying and deceiving yourself because of fear.

❤️Listen to your heart and trust your intuition.  Spirit is your partner, you don’t have to do everything yourself.  Go within and develop your relationship with Spirit first, allow healing, all other relationships will fall into place coming from love and truth.  Give your worries, cares and burdens to Spirit, surrender, let it go and take care of yourself on all levels.  What is meant to fall away will be replace with someone or something better.  Trust and have faith that all new beginnings will work out in your highest good and in divine timing.  Love & Blessings, Christine 🕊😊🙏🏻❤️💚🌹🌈☮️🦋

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