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Weekend energy report January 27, 2023

Weekend energy report January 27, 2023

This weekend we are asked to speak with our higher power, and let go of our plan and agenda and seek instead, for the divine will to be done. This does not mean that you cannot ask for what you want. It simply means that you must be willing to let go of what you think you think and what you think you know and how and when and where. The divine will is the same as your will, which is for happiness.

We must be willing to step into harmony with the divine will, so that we may remain wide open to the plethora of ways and opportunities that the divine can answer us and guide us to what will ultimately bring us closer to peace and harmony.

Acknowledging that when we talk to the divine, we’re not talking to something outside of ourselves we are talking to something that is inherently within us, always speaking to us and through us if we allow it.

This then leads us in to these peaks of joy, for we have a let go of our plan, and are simply following the divine plan. We are following what feels peaceful, and compelling what brings us joy and happiness.

As I type this, I also hear intuitively that there is an opportunity for healing this weekend as we step out of our own way, and stop playing small and step into the magnitude that we were created in end of we must remember it is not the ego’s will to be done, but the divine will to be done. That is what you are one with the divine. Well that is your true well, not the small Illusion known as the ego.

Christine Halliwell
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