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Weekend contemplation and energy report for September 1, 2023

Weekend contemplation and energy report for September 1, 2023

This weekend our crowning thought is is all about stepping into the flow and continuing the theme of the full moon of releasing.

As we continue to release that which has been holding us back from truly embodying and embracing who we are we can now begin to set new intention.

We must be aware of the intentions and flow we are in thou. For the ego will come up and attempt to trigger you to come back into it flow ( the old story or way of thinking) be willing to check in often and really listen.

This inner listening experience is not about sitting and doing nothing it is instead about the harmony of taking guided action steps towards new experiences and creative thinking.

Our grounding thought is the infinite inspirational Cosmo. The cosmos teaches us that every intention we set is in fact, contagious with the power to influence the very world around us. We are in tangled at our deepest, energetic places, so we can’t help, but have an effect on the world. This is a sign as well to remind you to open up to the well of creativity deep within you that is part of you, and be mindful of the thoughts and actions: both influencing your outer and inner world. Most important, keep taking guided action steps towards your intentions as the Cosmo response perfectly to manifest your highest destiny. Expect to be inspired and two meaningfully, touch the world, and those around you with that which you co-create. For we must remember our creations are not our own. They are merely expressions of the divine will that are coming through us.

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