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4/6/26-Full Moon in Libra- These energies highlights our relationships with others and especially the relationship with ourself.  It’s time to drop the facades and come home to yourself.  You’re the one you have been waiting for.  When you drop your defenses and embrace your personal power, you will feel at home within yourself knowing it is safe to love again in all forms and move forward to create your heart desires.

❤️#52-MENDING- essential meanings: Forgiveness, making amends, healing after arguments.  This is a time to re-evaluate relationships, make amends, mending relationships and forgiving yourself and others so you can move forward on your life path.  Remember forgiveness does not condone the other person's actions; it means you will not let the toxicity of unforgiveness hinder you from moving forward and helps you detoxify on all levels.  Let go of toxic relationships, situations and allow healing.  Take the lessons and the love and leave the rest behind.  This is especially about the relationship with yourself; lean on Spirit and your angelic team as you rebuild your relationship with Spirit to evolve in a greater more authentic version of yourself.  Self love and self care are essential in assisting you with rebuilding your self worth so you can feel empowered to embrace your authenticity.  Peace comes from remembering only love is real.

❤️#17 THE STAR- this message reminds us that there is always hope, allow healing, be compassionate with yourself and others.  Situations that have been challenging will be seen from a higher perspective, through the eyes of love instead of fear realigning you with your authenticity.  It’s time to give back and to reinvest within yourself; self care is essential so you are able to give back to others in when being of service to Spirit.  Don’t lose faith and hope in your dreams and visions, take stock of what has and hasn’t worked, make adjustments so balance and harmony will be restored so you can focus on co-creating with Spirit the life your heart desires.  Love & Blessings, Christine 🕊😊🙏🏻❤️💚🌹🌈☮️🌠

Ronald Schaefer
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