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March 31 energy report and contemplation

Weekend, energy report and contemplation for March 31.

Our crowning thought for this week is about the synergistic Union also known as harmony, we are asked to be in harmony in all of our relationships.This includes the relationship with ourselves, and the relationship with the Divine

This weekend we’re asked to look at our partnerships and alliances asking ourselves If we are truly in harmony with those partnerships and alliances or are we feeling bored and discontented ready to move forward into something new. This something new does not have to be a new relationship it can’t be a revitalization of the old relationship or partnership put into a new view.

This weekend truly asked us to step in to the transformative process of truly looking at our relationships where are they out of balance? Where are you giving too much and not receiving in kind? Where are you receiving but not giving? Looking at our relationship, some more deeply does take courage.

I am not sure who said it or where I read it from however, the thought that pops into my head is whatever you feel you are lacking is what you are not giving. So if you feel that you are lacking love, you willing to give a love if you feel that you are lacking in support gives support. in whatever way you can.

Christine Halliwell
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