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Weekend Contemplation and Energy report for February 23, 2024.

Our theme for this weekend is Transformation and Courage When we speak of transformation it is not about becoming something new but a deep letting go of what no longer severs us so that we may become our most authentic selves, which takes courage to be willing to look at what no longer serves us and let it go.

The first supporting energy we have for this weekend is the sawn queen reversed asking us to stop overanalyzing our intuitive nudges and start listening and following them because each time we don't we are only dining our own inner self and truth in order to seemly stay safe and secure when in fact we have only made ourselves a prisoner on our own lives.

The next supporting energy we have is the hungry ghosts upright and what this card is asking us is as Christine Goddet said (What is King in your life) what are you giving your focus and attention to what reptive behaviors are they alerting you to at this time? This energy is also asking us to look beyond what we think we think and think we know and ask the spirit for its vision instead of seeing under the Verner of things because all that glitters is not gold as the ego mind would like to believe.

This then brings us to our last energy the spiral dancer which guides to to look at our path not as a line but as a spiral and even if we do come up against what may seem a set back we use it not as a determinate or a sign we are not supposed to do something but instead that the universe is giving us an opportunity to learn and grow in order to move along our path.

Additionally, the spiral dancer and courage both invite us into movement either mental, physical, or emotional, and ask us not to hide from opportunities for growth or hat might be seen as challenges but instead to face them with an open heart and mind, for we can not hide from life for we are apart of it and life, the universe, the divine is always wanting the best for us always wanting us to shine as bright as we can to remember our true self and it will bring opportunities to help us to remember.

Christine Halliwell
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