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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of our emotions and desires foresight and Hope.

As we focus on what it is, that we desire, we get an opportunity to discern if it is from spirit, or if it is from our ego, and we can discern this based on the way that we feel about that desire. We will reap what we have so simply meaning we will see what we are focusing on based on what situation or things are coming to us.

As we observe these things that are coming to us we have an opportunity to shift and change that focus for the future if we don’t like what we are currently seeing.

As we choose to focus on something new on a new desire we can use hope, not as a wish for what might happen, but a anchor to let us know that it is already on its way, knowing that we will be guided towards what actions step mental, or otherwise needs to be taken to re-orient us with what is true

Christine Halliwell
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