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Awakening Mircales

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This week we are working with the energies of opportunity, appreciation, and I AM.

As we start this week we are asked to be aware of opportunities in our lives all of the opportunities that we do become aware of will be for our growth which means that there may be some discomfort for we are going outside of our comfort zone.

We can help to shift that discomfort to comfort by stepping into appreciation which

is the higher octave of gratuide. The difference between gratitude and appreciation is you can be not be appreciative of what you do not love.

The last energy of this week we are working with is the I AM our essence our divine nature and our connection with the divine. We can work with this energy by acknowledging that the opportunities that are coming to us in whatever situation are not happening to us but from us because we are ready to shift or read for the next phase in our own soul's journey. Another way we can work with the I AM energy is simply to bring your awareness to the now moment and be willing to step into the observer role.

Christine Halliwell
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