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🌟 Welcome to our March energy forecast, where we delve into the vibes and themes guiding us this month! 🌟

In this video, we explore the overarching energy of creativity that's pulsating through March. Using the insightful Light Seers deck by Kyile Grey, we uncover the spiritual messages guiding us through the month ahead.

The spread reveals fascinating insights: The overall theme for the month is creativity

🔮 Spirit's message: "Talk to God"

🌈 Collective energy: "The Wishing Well"

🌱 Challenge or growth opportunity: "Camel Boy" (Reversed)

👑 Ascended Master guiding us

🌟 Spiritual guide assisting us

😇 Angelic guidance: "Inner Peace & Moving Towards the Light"

March promises to be a month of spiritual exploration and creative expansion, with each card offering a unique perspective on our journey.

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Let's embrace the creative energies of March and journey together toward spiritual growth and enlightenment! 🌟✨

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Christine Halliwell
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