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Awakening Mircales

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Sometimes, when we look at events, we make a decision or judgment about them and when we do so, we get stuck in that and can’t necessarily see another way of viewing it.

That is why I really enjoy this quote from a course in miracles. It’s a way of letting go of what you think you think and what you think you know so that you can see the truth within the situation and the quote is simply this spirit please don’t let me use this for my destruction, but instead for the coming of my peace or spirit you decide about this for me.

Either one you decide to use, is inviting a higher perceptual view of the situation you are stating you’re willingness to see it differently to view it differently, and that’s all it takes is a little willingness to let go of your judgments about a particular situation or person, and allows spirit to interpret it for you.

Christine Halliwell
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