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Awakening Mircales

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Today for our thoughtful Thursday, we have a powerful message from Kyle Grey's raise your vibe deck

Whenever your ego gets loud and obnoxious, it's because you are on the cusp of a miracle. The ego is the inner voice that always wants to make. You doubt your talents. It's the voice that will negatively comment on your image and send you into a spiral of self loathing. It can be hard not to fight with the ego, but when you do, your mind Becomes a battlefield. Who wants that? In order to overcome the voice of the ego. It is important to recognize its purpose. It is the voice of fear and it's there to give you a choice. So, whenever you hear a voice inside your head, telling you what could go wrong or why you're not good enough, know that you can choose to take your destiny back into your own hands. Today the universe is encouraging you not to let the insecurities and limitations of your ego, your past, or your fear get in the way of the love that you were born to be. You are love, and you are made to share that love. That is what raising your vibration is all about.

Today's affirmation is I choose to listen to the inner voice of love.

Today's questions we can ask ourselves: do I want the miracle which is the correction or do I want the problem which is the egos translation?

Who is the guy that is currently speaking to me or through me now? Does this voice inspire or does it discourage?

What is the story? My ego is telling? Do I want to continue to listen to that story? Do I wanna continue to value that story?

Christine Halliwell
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