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Weekend, contemplation and energy report for the weekend of Friday, April 12, 2024

Our crowning thought for this weekend is opening to love. Spirit is asking us to open more fully to the truth of who we are and then so doing get to see the love that others are we can ask ourselves what is my true pathway to uncovering the love that I am? How can I open myself even more to the Divine love and well-being that surrounds me? What is blocking me from welcoming love in all forms?

As we open up to The love and truth that we are we have a wonderful opportunity to not take offense instead we can ask ourselves. What must I believe in order for this to be occurring? Why am I attracting this particular experience? What is this experience asking me to learn or teaching me? Then observe how your ego is victimizing you. Notice where your personality is a fronted by someone else’s behavior. in what way are you internalizing the actions of another to be a reflection of you? Mostly noticed any grudges your holding or wounds that your nursing from the past. Are they robbing you of peace in this moment? Most of what your ego is offended by small and meaningless anyways. Besides no one can slide the spirit in you.

As we are more aligned with the truth and love that we are, we’re more honest with ourselves were Able to be more of an observer of truth than a judge of situations. To observe means to discern to discern is not about right or wrong. It is merely an observation of a fact in a particular moment, and then using that discernment to acknowledge if this situation or person or is serving you or not.

This then invites us to turn on the light of our spirit to ask spirit when we do so spirit concentrates on your perfection, your spirit sees the process and progress. The spirit knows itself to be connected to all and an essential part of the whole. Spirit sees the light. Right now we are being asked to view our circumstances with the illumination of our spirit. we’re not focusing on the shadows but on the light. The light is on awareness of which perspective were willing to see the world with we know spirit sees light and that means that the ego only sees shadows so how do you want to perceive do you want to see the world through a dark lens or are you ready to wash your glasses clean and see clearly.

Christine Halliwell
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