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Awakening Mircales

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This week our energetic theme is Resting in divine Light this theme is inviting us to really reconnect more deeply with our own inner source to feel the deep peace, safety, and security that comes with connecting our own inner source.

The world right now may seem out of control trouble and despair around every corner, this is why spirit is encouraging us to connect more deeply and rest in the divine presence we are.

As we rest in this divine presence we gain the added bonus of seeing things from a higher perspective which opens us up to the vast creative impulse that is within us and with that impulse active we take one step at a time toward where spirit is leading us,

This week is not so much about the big picture but the little or what may seem mundane things that need to get done.

As Robin Ducan says if you get a recipe for leam bars write it down, which just means instead of rushing to make it write the recipe down as ou go because what that creative impulse may be telling you is that you are about to make something divinely inspired.

Christine Halliwell
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