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Awakening Mircales

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The reveal for the gateway oracle

Card number one soaring into joy, affirmation, childlike wonder fills my life

questions to ask yourself what gives me the greatest pleasure? What might be blocking my joy? What's the key to experiencing more bliss in my life?

Card number two starting fresh affirmation a wonderful new beginning, is blossoming in my life

Questions to ask yourself if my life truly started fresh would I make the same decisions? Am I ready to let go and begin a new? What is blocking me from doing so?

Card number three cultivating prosperity affirmation. The abundance of the universe is pouring into my life!

Questions to ask yourself am I truly open and ready for abundance to flow into my life? What could I do to cultivate even more riches? Is there a symbol in my life that could give me insight into what blocks my prosperity? What is it saying?

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