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Awakening Mircales

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Weekend, contemplation, and energy forecast for April 5, 2024

For this weekend we are already starting to work with the energies of the eclipse that’s happening on Monday and this eclipse is taking place in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The Aries mansion is all about the I am the truth of who you are the divine essence brought forth into the world.

For this weekend, we have Lord Shiva, asking us to rise above our own Disappearing, personality traits, and to honor more of the truth of who we are, so that we may truly be that conscious co-creator to allow the divine to truly express itself through the vessel, known as the human body

We also have archangel Michael, helping us with his sword of truth, which cuts through illusions, to reveal the truth. Archangel Michael also stands to give us the courage to embrace, and embody more of who we truly are.

Last we have Serapis Bey asking us to move more fully into alignment with thoughts, words, actions and deeds that line up more with the truth of who we are to rise above the drama, and to be the presence of the alternative, which means to be a presence of the divine love that you are, and that you were created in.

Ask yourself, what aspect of myself have I been clinging onto, that no longer positively serves me

Where have I been playing small instead of shining brightly?

Where have I been in authentic with myself or others? Why was I in authentic? What was I afraid of?

This eclipse energy is asking us to let go of all of the the teachings of the ego in the way of who we are. The ego which tells you that you are just a job a role, a body a religion, and opinion a the ego tries to tell you that you are just your thoughts just your emotions, but none of those are who you are. It doesn’t mean that those aspects of you are not important, and should not be tended to. It simply means that they are not the totality of your being, when you enter into the totality of your being all of those aspects of you come into fall and divine harmony, for you are acting emoting, embracing and embodying what you are, which is love

Christine Halliwell
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